Hur ska honung förvaras?

How should honey be stored?

Honey is best stored in the dark at an even and low temperature. If it is to be stored for up to a year, it goes well in the refrigerator . The honey that is used every day can preferably be at room temperature, which means that the flavor and aromas come to their full potential.


  • It pays to store the honey at room temperature on the kitchen counter or in the kitchen cupboard. It is not suitable to store the honey in the refrigerator or in a damp cellar, because the honey is hygroscopic and easily absorbs moisture and smells.
  • Properly stored honey lasts at least two years, often even longer. One's own sense of smell and taste is a good gauge of whether the honey can still be used.
  • Crystallized honey can easily be made liquid by heating it in a water bath, but not temperatures above 40 degrees.
  • Honey can also be frozen. Then the crystallization of the honey is noticeably delayed. That's why many people buy fresh honey in the fall and freeze it. When the honey thaws, it is usually liquid again.
  • The enzymes in the honey can be destroyed by heat. The health-promoting substances in the honey are best preserved if you do not heat the honey above 40 degrees. When you put honey, for example, in hot tea, no more than a small amount of enzymes have time to be destroyed.
  • When baking, 1 dl of granulated sugar corresponds to 3/4 dl of honey. Honey contains about 20% water, which means that it pays to reduce a little on the other liquid in the recipe.
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