Utforska världen av honung: flytande, fast, frostad och säsongens variationer

Explore the world of honey: liquid, solid, frosted and seasonal variations

Honey, the golden liquid gold, is much more than just a sweetening or nutritious product. Each harvest carries unique flavors and characteristics. Here is a look at some of the different forms, varieties and properties of honey:

Liquid honey - versatile and easy to use

Liquid honey has a silky texture and is just as nutritious as its solid counterpart. What sets it apart is its convenience. As it does not need to be melted before use, it is perfect for cooking, baking and as a delicious addition to drinks such as tea, coffee and smoothies. Enjoy the lightness that liquid honey brings to your kitchen.

Solid and spreadable honey - equally nutritious but richer in taste

Solid honey, in its natural and unaltered form, occurs when sugar crystals form naturally over time. This process gives solid honey a unique texture and richer flavor profile, making it a tasty choice for spreading on bread or adding to hot drinks. Despite its solid form, solid honey retains all the health-promoting properties and antioxidants characteristic of all types of honey.

Frosted honey - purity and natural beauty

Frosted honey is an indication of high quality. The hoar frost that adorns the jar reveals a honey with a very low water content and no additives. Our artisanal process without mechanical processing ensures pure, natural and quality honey.

Midsummer, May and July: Variety and diversity

Traditional harvests during midsummer, May and July result in a diversity of flavors and characters. Each honey is treated as a unique product, and we do not mix our honey from different communities to maintain the diversity of flavors. The flavors naturally also vary from year to year depending on which crops are grown and where the bees choose to collect nectar and pollen.

Southern Sweden's August honey: a taste of the region

In Skåne, southern Sweden, the August honey takes on a special character. Bees collect nectar from the lush fields and create a honey with unique flavors that reflect the region's rich flora. Each harvest is a journey through southern Sweden's beautiful landscape.

Autumn and September honey - flavors of autumn

Autumn's treasure is liquid, and its enjoyment is equal to tasting the nuances of the season. This honey marks the end of the hive's harvest for the season. Every drop carries autumn's unique and rich flavors from year to year. This is a natural treasure to save for winter.

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