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Bee bread 110g

Bee bread 110g

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  1. Bee bread is a completely natural product, straight from the hive and contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and important fatty and amino acids. Bee bread has long been a well-known product in many other countries, but here in Scandinavia and Sweden it has recently become popular as a dietary supplement.

Bee bread is fermented bee pollen. Bees collect pollen to use as a protein source. When the bees have brought pollen home to the hive, it is mixed with their own unique lactic acid bacteria and packed into wax cells. There, the bee pollen is fermented into so-called bee bread and thus has a longer shelf life and a higher nutritional content. We put the health and well-being of the bees first and therefore only harvest the bees' surplus bee bread that they themselves have left behind. Our bee bread is therefore a product that contributes to the company's circular work - good for both bees and people!

Bee bread is eaten as it is or sprinkled, for example, over your yogurt, added to smoothies or in a salad.

Ingredients: Pollen and honey

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