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Liquid honey 2 kg with free shipping for SEK 499

Liquid honey 2 kg with free shipping for SEK 499

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Liquid honey is a type of honey that has a liquid consistency. Like all other honey, it is made from flower nectar that bees collect and store in the hives.

Liquid honey is just as nutritious as solid honey, but liquid honey also has a big advantage that solid honey doesn't:

  • Very easy to use. As liquid honey does not need to be melted before use, it is perfect for all types of cooking and baking as well as added to drinks such as tea, coffee and smoothies.

Honey crystallizes naturally when sugar crystals form. How quickly this happens depends, among other things, on the honey's composition, water content and temperature.

Honey with a higher grape sugar (glucose) and water content crystallizes faster than honey with a higher fruit sugar (fructose) content and low water content. If you want to prevent honey from crystallizing, you can store it at a slightly higher temperature.

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